The Pros and Cons of CSA Boxes

CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, boxes are growing in popularity. Each week (or bi-weekly, depending on who you order from), CSA box providers from all around the country deliver fresh and local produce to their customers. Before jumping on this healthy bandwagon, find out if a CSA box is right for you.


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The Pros:


– They’re convenient! Fresh fruits and vegetables show up at your door every week. Some boxes even come with directions on how to wash and store your box’s items to ensure they last longer.


– They help you spend less time, money, and energy at the grocery store. Whether you love going to the grocery store or absolutely despise it, we can all agree that a bit of extra time and money is a good thing.


– You’re supporting local farmers and small business owners with every CSA box you receive.And you don’t have to fight the crowds at the local farmers market to do it.


– It makes mealtime exciting! Most boxes come with a wide variety of items, including some items you might not buy for yourself otherwise. And the most helpful perk is that many providers also offer recipe ideas to help you make the most of each box.


– They encourage healthy eating. It’s simple: the more fruits and vegetables you have, the more of them you’ll eat.


They can be delivered just about anywhere that’s convenient for you, including your home or office.


The Cons:


– CSA boxes provide a hearty amount of fruits and vegetables each week, making meal planning necessary to use up each item before it goes bad. Meal planning is especially important if you have a smaller household that won’t be able to use up each item quickly.


– If your CSA provider doesn’t have the option for you to pick what you receive each week, there’s a good chance you’ll get items you don’t like. To avoid paying for something you don’t want, either find a box that allows you to pick your produce or find a friend to swap items with on those weeks.


– It’s important to note what day of the week and time your box will arrive to ensure your produce isn’t ruined by being exposed to extreme temperatures for too long. It may require reworking your schedule to accommodate your box’s arrival.


– For single person households, the amount of produce wasted might outweigh the amount you’re able to use. Not only is this wasting food, it’s also a waste of your money. Luckily some providers offer a smaller portion box perfect for those who don’t cook frequently or live in small households.