How to Build a Summer Travel Survival Kit

Summer is all about spontaneity and getting out of town for the weekend. But if you’re not prepared for fun trips to pop up, you might miss out on fun adventures. Here are a few things to keep on hand for when adventure strikes:


1. Sunscreen

The beach can turn into your worst nightmare if you get burned within the first couple of hours and then have to spend the rest of your time outdoors finding shade or risking a worse burn. Doctors recommend making sunscreen part of your everyday routine year round, but it’s especially important in the summer time or when you’re outdoors more often. And don’t be fooled by cloudy days—you can get a sunburn just as easily when the sun’s being shy.




2. A beach towel or blanket

Whether you’re going to the beach, on a picnic, or simply visiting a new place, a beach towel or blanket will do triple duty by helping you dry off, cover up, or create comfy ground seating. Lightweight, machine washable towels work best since they’re light enough to carry and simple enough to toss in the washing machine.


Beach towel


3. Insect Repellent

Some people are more prone to bug bites than others, it’s a fact. If you’re venturing near a body of water, take a bottle of bug spray with you to ward off angry mobs of mosquitoes and other hungry bugs. Look for DEET-free repellents if you’re traveling with babies or small children.


Bug spray


4. Reusable water bottle


Fill up a reusable water bottle on your way out of town to avoid having to stop at a convenience store or go thirsty. Reusable bottles can be refilled at water fountains anywhere to make sure you stay hydrated in warm weather. It’s especially handy to have access to water when you’re out being active in the hot summer heat.


S’well Reusable Water Bottle


5. Snacks

Granola bars, almonds, and other snacks that won’t melt are another summer survival kit staple. When you are living without a schedule or visiting unfamiliar territory, it’s hard to know when you’re next meal will be. Keep a few easy-to-grab snacks in your bag to make your summer lifestyle more delicious.


Snacks Around Town


6. Cash

Inevitably you’ll need cash on any summer adventure for parking, at an ice cream stand, or to buy a souvenir from a store. Keep a little cash on hand for any purchases you need to make that a card can’t take care of.




7. Spare change of clothes

Because sometimes day trips turn into weekend trips and you don’t want to spend too long in the same clothes. And if that’s not the case, sometimes you spill your milkshake on your shirt and nobody wants to smell like sour milk, right?


spare clothes