Election Style: Where the Presidents Lived

When they weren’t living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the US presidents led lives all over the country from sea to shining sea. Find out where a few of the country’s past presidents lived and learn more about their homes.


1. George Washington, Mount Vernon in Mount Vernon, Virginia

First president George Washington and his wife Martha lived in Mount Vernon, Virginia, on a large estate with a view of the Potomac River. After he passed away, he was buried in a marble tomb on the estate.

 Mount Vernon Mansion

2. Thomas Jefferson, Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia
Another Virginia-dweller, third president Thomas Jefferson called Monticello estate in Charlottesville home. Monticello, which is open to visitors, also has a walking trail and arboretum on its 370 acres.



3. Andrew Jackson, The Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee
A soldier by the age of 13, seventh president Andrew Jackson called The Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee home. It’s now a museum where you can learn about Jackson and his legacy and see what used to be The Hermitage Plantation.



4. Lyndon B. Johnson, LBJ Ranch in Johnson City, Texas
LBJ Ranch, now a historical park you can visit year-round, is located in Stonewall, Texas. The park itself is comprised of two sections that are 14 miles apart and you can even go inside the former home of 37th president Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife lovingly known as “Lady Bird.”




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