Bring on the Staycation: 3 Easy Ways to Recharge at Home

Not every vacation involves travel. Sometimes the perfect way to recharge during the hot summer months is to have a staycation and discover something new about yourself, your home, and your town. If you’re searching for an alternative to the traditional vacation, try out one of these ideas to get reenergized from the comfort of your home.


1. Try something totally new.

Cook a new recipe, try out a new hobby, mix a new cocktail, start writing that novel…anything that challenges you in a positive way can help take your mind of heavier matters that often leave you feeling drained.

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2. Put the phone away.
Within the past year, average media usage by Americans has gone up by an hour, bringing the total to close to 11 hours spent with a screen in front of your face each day. Want to recharge and sleep better? Get away from those screens! Or at the very least, limit your time in front of them.

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3. Check off something on your to do list.

Let’s face it, we feel better about ourselves when we’re productive. If you’re in a slump, pick the most fun thing on your to do list and go for it! If you need to buy groceries, go buy groceries but find a way to make it fun, like treating yourself to an indulgent coffee drink. If there’s a movie you’ve wanted to see, go see it. If you know a clean tub will make you unreasonably happy (who doesn’t love a sparkling tub?), then give it a good scrub and enjoy it by taking a nice long bath. Just because it’s on your to do list doesn’t mean you can’t make it an enjoyable experience.

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