8 Good Host Essentials

Whether you’re already a pro at hosting the masses or you’re looking to become the host with the most, keep these essentials on deck at all times so you’re ready to entertain whenever duty calls.


1. Snacks


Chips and salsa, fresh fruit, or pretzels are easy snacks to keep around so that next time a guest pops over for a quick visit, you have more to offer than half a granola bar and what you think is a piece of gum. Chocolate chip cookie dough is another item you really can’t go wrong with.



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2. Sewing kit


We’ve all had a button come loose or a tiny hole in a sweater we didn’t notice before leaving the house. Having a sewing kit to offer your guests will help them feel more comfortable sticking around instead of focusing on getting home and fixing their wardrobe malfunction.


Sewing Kit

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3. Laundry detergent


Along the same lines, there’s nothing to make you feel more like a messy child than having a giant stain on your shirt or pants from eating or drinking. Offer your guests something to clean up with so they can enjoy your hospitality without constantly trying to awkwardly hide their stain.


Laundry Detergent

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4. Toilet paper

There’s not a lot of explaining to go along with this. Even if you’re not planning on entertaining any time soon, it will never hurt to have some spare rolls stored.


Toilet Paper

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5. Clean drinking glasses


“Clean” being the keyword here. Don’t make your guests wait for a cup of water while you scramble to wash and dry all the dirty ones in your sink.


Clean Drinking Glasses

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6. Phone charger


It’s easy to forget to charge your phone, especially if you’re busy or on the go. Having a phone charger available is a simple way to make your guests more comfortable since they won’t have to worry about their phone dying during their visit.


Phone Charger

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7. Hand towels


Washing your hands and then having to dry them on your pants is never a good thing. Have a hand towel ready and waiting in the guest bathroom.


Hand Towels

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8. Candles


Unless your home has some natural, fresh aroma without any cleaning involved, candles will help keep any unpleasant or strong (think garlic) smells from lingering in your home, as well as being a simple way to create ambiance. If you’re not comfortable burning candles, just having them in your home will put off a light and airy scent.



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