5 Ways to Increase Home Office Productivity

Home is where the heart is and it’s also where all the distractions are. With the combined powers of your family, tv, pets, and chores, your plans to work from home can be thwarted. Try these tips to make working from home a cinch:


1. Never, ever work from the dining room table.


Procrastination makes us do funny things. Before you know it, you’ll have all the dishes washed and none of your work done.


2. Keep your desk away from the tv.



One episode of Friends will turn into an entire season. Trust us, we know.


3. Get a comfy office chair.



But not too comfy. It’s tempting to work from the couch but how much work are you really going to get done that way? Find a chair that’s comfortable since you’ll be sitting in it for hours each day.


4. Keep what you need in your office.



Don’t share a stapler, scissors, or anything else with the rest of the house. This goes for snacks, too. The more often you step outside the office area, the more likely you are to get distracted.


5. Develop a routine.



If you’re lucky enough to set your own schedule, use it to your advantage and plan your days around your most productive times. Stick with it each day to stay on top of your workload and avoid overworking or underworking.