5 Gifts for the Host That Cost Less Than a Bottle of Wine


Don’t get us wrong—wine is a perfectly lovely gift to take to parties. But if you’re looking for something to give the hosts that’ll last longer than the event itself, go for something out of the ordinary and opt for one of these gifts instead.


1. A kitschy bottle opener
At a party recently, the host mentioned he’d bought SEVEN bottle openers in the past month because they kept getting lost. Bring the host one they won’t soon forget … or misplace.


2. A bottle of iced coffee
For we’ve all suffered the consequences of having too much fun at a party and know the impact a strong cup of cold brewed coffee can have on a tired morning.


3. Toothbrush holders (they can also use for sipping cocktails)
So technically these are toothbrush holders but we think they’d make posh tumblers as well.



4. Reusable cocktail napkins
They can wash and reuse these napkins as often as needed since they’re made from cotton. We’d venture to say these napkins make happy hour even happier.


5. Turkish hand towels
If towels can have a moment, then these turkish ones are definitely soaking up all the glory. They’re quickly becoming powder room and kitchen staples.