5 Easy Ways to Use Canvas Prints at Your Wedding

Looking for inventive ways to make your wedding as quirky and fun as you are? Canvas prints can help make your special day especially magical. Use them as a guest book or as a way to display your personal photos and then afterwards enjoy them at home! Your walls and wedding guests will thank you.


1. As the guest book

We’re all about a fun and playful guestbook. And canvas prints can help you achieve that perfect hybrid of unusual-yet-classic vibe with your guestbook.

Canvas Prints


2. To display meaningful photos

Decorate your event space with meaningful photos taken throughout your relationship. Don’t be shy about using your favorite photos, no matter how silly they seem, to decorate your wedding venue! Print your photos on canvas for a totally fun and adorable way to add your personality to the event. And the best part is they’ll look great at home once the wedding is over.


Canvas Prints


3. As the menu

We all know people love to eat, so let them know what they’re having by using a custom menu canvas. It’s an easy way to make those meal plans even more exciting. Have a canvas print at each food station for casual meals, at each table for sit down dinners, or throughout the venue so guests know what they can expect to dine on!


Canvas Prints


4. As the itinerary or program

Print your wedding day plan on a canvas to display as guests enter the venue. It’s easier than printing hundreds of programs and more cost effective, too! It also makes a nice keepsake or piece of wall art for your home.


Canvas Prints


5. To help guests get where they need to go

Getting married in a bigger venue or in a space where guests might need a little help finding their way? Create custom canvas prints to help them get from one place to the next with no hassle.


Canvas Prints


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