5 Colorful Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

Neutral baby showers are here to stay but they’re more vibrant than ever before. Pale yellow and green used to rule the neutral shower game but now deeper hues, metallics, and just about any color under the sun can be part of a “neutral” palette. If you’re looking for baby shower inspiration, look no further than these five showers that prove neutral is anything but bland.


1. Green and Natural


Set outdoors with lush greens and crisp linens with oodles of natural textures, this sunny shower is effortlessly eye-catching.


A Gender Neutral Baby Shower


2. Welcome to the World Adventure Themed Party


Perfect for adventurers and travelers, this theme and color palette works for any season.


Welcome to the World Baby Shower


3. Sunny Poolside Shower


Bright white, sunny yellow, and hints of bronze and blue are the only hues needed to make a fun and festive party.


WAl Fresco Baby Shower


4. Le BeBe French Soiree


There’s no defined color scheme for this shower and that’s okay! Going for a Parisian vibe, the colors are kept simple with just a few pops of red, blue, and yellow mixed in.


A French Cafe Themed Baby Shower


5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Shower


Even though this shower uses a bedtime nursery rhyme as the theme, this gender neutral color scheme pairs those classic green and yellow options with more modern ones including navy and gray.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: A Twin Gender Reveal Shower