3 Failproof Ways to Make Mondays Better

Mondays get a bad rap. They’re the first part of the work week and often stress-filled, even if you’ve planned ahead perfectly. If you need some help kicking the Monday blues away, try these three simple ideas for making the most of our least favorite workday.


1. Wear something that makes you feel good.

A general rule of thumb wardrobe stylists use is to wear something that’s your favorite each day. But on Mondays, it’s especially important. You’ll look and feel great if you reach for something your closet that’s your favorite.


Monday Blues 1


2. Treat yourself.
Do something indulgent for yourself. That doesn’t mean you need to spend oodles of money. It can be as simple as Netflixing a movie you’ve been wanting to watch or taking an extra long walk if it’s nice out. Or a personal favorite: splurging on a really good cup of coffee before work. But we won’t judge if you do a little bit of retail therapy to cure the Monday blues.

Monday Blues 2


3. Cook this “nothing in the fridge” casserole after work.
It doesn’t require a trip to the grocery store, uses up any stale bread and leftover veggies you have, and tastes like a million bucks. And it requires very little brain power to create, which is always and forever a gift on Mondays after work.

Monday Blues 3