12 Ways to Prep Your Home for Vacation

No matter how fun they are, vacations are serious business! Even the most spontaneous trips require a little planning and prepping to make sure your home is safe so that you can enjoy your destination. Before venturing out, be sure to do these 12 things to keep your home happy while you’re away.


1. Wipe down kitchen counters and eating areas.


Anywhere that has food or crumbs is a magnet to ants and animals. The best way to thwart them is to not leave behind anything that may seem appetizing to these unwanted guests.



2. Wash the dishes.


Leaving dirty dishes might save you time before you leave but we guarantee you’ll regret it when you spend your first morning back scrubbing your pots and pans.



3. Unplug small appliances like your curling iron, toaster, and coffee maker.


Unplugging small appliances is a simple way to conserve energy while you’re gone and reduces the risk of any sort of power surges causing electrical fires or issues. And if your coffeemaker is on a timer, be sure to unplug it to stop any brewing while you’re out. Also unplug any scented wall plug-ins. They might keep your house smelling fresh while you’re gone but in the rare chance they become overheated, they can start fires. And with your home, it’s always better safe than sorry.



4. Provide a friend or trustworthy neighbor with a spare key in the event of an emergency.


Even if you’ve prepped perfectly to go on vacation, unexpected things can still happen. Plus it’ll give you peace of mind to know that in the event you think you left a window open or the oven on, there’s somebody nearby who can quickly swing by and check on it for you.



5. Clean out the fridge.


Throw out leftovers or anything that’s going to spoil while you’re away. A clean refrigerator makes for a happy home.



6. Take out the trash.


Your nose will thank you upon your arrival back home if you take your trash out before going out of town.



7. Water your plants.


Even if you’ll only be gone a day or two, go ahead and give your plants a little bit of water to make sure they don’t wither without you around.



8. Delay any deliveries scheduled to arrive while you’re out.


A telltale sign of an empty home is a package left on the stoop for more than an afternoon. If you’re expecting any deliveries, either have them delayed or ask a nearby neighbor to keep any packages for you until you’re back.



9. Make sure all windows are locked and blinds are closed.


Locking your windows is akin to locking your doors before heading out of town–it’s another way to make sure your home is secure before leaving. Closing your blinds also prevents people from being able to see into your home and provides a little more insulation to keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.



10. Check your thermostat.


If you’re going to be out of town for several days, you can save some energy by turning up the temperature on your thermostat. Since you and your pets won’t be home, it’s okay if your home is a little warmer than usual while you’re gone on summer vacation.



11. Have your mail held at the post office until your return.


To keep your mailbox from overflowing, have the post office hold your mail until you’re able to pick it up.



12. Make your bed.


No matter how peaceful a vacation is, it’s always nice to return home to a cozy bed after a long period of travel. Prepare your bed for the inevitable nap you’ll crave as soon as you walk through the door.



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