10 Tips To Make Your Next Party Better

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to hosting. These are a few of our most well-loved and used tricks for maximizing the fun and reducing the stress for you and your guests at your next party.


1. Use something other than flowers to make an untraditional centerpiece.


The more unique, the better. It’ll give even the shyest person at the party something to talk about. (via HouseBeautiful)



2. Make a cheat sheet for the party to remind you when to bring out different appetizers and drinks.


No more burned desserts or opening the fridge a day after the party to find an entire cheese wheel. (via HGTV)




3. Line trashcans with at least 2 bags to catchy any drips that make it past the first layer.


Plus it’ll save you from having someone throw something away before a replacement bag is put in place. (via Martha Stewart)



4. Welcome any helpful guests by delegating a task, like setting out dishes, to them.


You’ll be less stressed if there’s less you have to run around and do as people arrive. A stressed host changes the whole tone of the party. (via Real Simple)



5. Make room in the schedule for 25% more time than you think you need to prep.


Because we’re all guilty of overestimating just how quickly we can do different tasks. (via Town & Country)



6. Invite people over more often in between parties to hone your hosting skills.


You’ll get better every time you host. (via The Inspired Room)




7. Invite your neighbors.


They might not show up but at least they’ll view the invitation as a friendly gesture and likely be more understanding when the music’s keeping them up past their bedtime. (via Good Housekeeping)




8. Don’t make food that requires constant attention.


A one pot meal or dish that can be served straight from the crockpot will save you time and stress. (via Greatist)



9. Be okay with imperfection.


Nothing’s perfect and that’s what keeps things fun and interesting. Anybody you invite over for a party won’t mind that you forgot to put out enough napkins. (via The Kitchn)




10. Outsource as needed.
It’s okay if you don’t love baking (or are really, really bad at it) but if you want baked goods at the soiree, hit up a local bakery or find a pal who’s willing to contribute something tasty. (via Eating Well)