What to Get Rid of in the New Year

Having a clean and serene home is always a nice way to kick off the new year! Here are five things to toss to get closer to achieving your perfect space:


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Expired food products in the kitchen. Clear out your fridge and pantry of snacks, spices, and whatever else is past its expiration date.

Old beauty and bath products. Using old or expired products isn’t good for your skin. In fact, using expired makeup can cause breakouts, swelling, and more issues that you definitely don’t want to deal with.

Clothes and accessories you haven’t worn in a while, aren’t your style anymore, or no longer fit. This is often a tough one for some people but once you realize how freeing it is to have just a few nice articles of clothing instead of a closet bursting with impulse purchases, you won’t regret a massive clean out.

Outdated electronics. You’re probably not going to need that flip phone anymore, or your digital camera that takes photos half as well as your current phone does. Use this guide for getting more information on reusing, recycling, or donating your old electronics.

Stuff you have no designated place for. Whether it’s leftover supplies from past projects, stacks of junk mail, or anything else that constantly seems in the way, it’s time to get rid of it all!


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