Weekly Reads, August 14th

We’re zooming through August at warp speed. With many schools starting back this week and next, we’re enjoying the dog days of summer before the busyness of fall sets in. Have a great weekend! And check out some things you might’ve missed this week:


From around the web

Paint the floors!

A tile fight that ended beautifully.

“Modern American Glamour”

It’s funny because it’s true.

A simple solution for open floor plans.

Have you been telling the truth about your living room?

The sweetest handkerchief DIY.


This week on Surround Yourself

This resort got a makeover.


Throw pillows of the DIY variety.


We’re faux real–taxidermy is in.


A tiny bit of chaos.


We’ll see you next week when we’re back with more DIY ideas, artist profiles, and decor tips!