Weekly Reads, 3/20

We got a blissful taste of spring this week and then it came to a halt with rain and chilly weather, which is perfect for cozying up one last time before the heat and humidity arrive. Here are a few links to check out while you’re waiting for the next March Madness game to begin:


March madness for barbecue lovers.


Would you ever visit a robot petting zoo?


You better watch these before they go away on April 1st.


We’ve all felt this way at least once this week.


Back to the future of apartments.


When dance meets on the corner of levitation and photography in Paris.


Cheap plastic blinds get a makeover.


Turns out Nate Berkus is on a budget, too.


You could own the couch from Downton Abbey.


Guess who has a new show called “I Pity the Tool”?


What to bake for brunch on Saturday morning.


Enjoy your weekend!