Never Forget Another Item: 3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Grocery List

As far as we’re concerned, there are two types of people in this world: the kind who forget at least one thing on their grocery list after wandering aimlessly for an hour trying to remember what that one thing is and the kind who miraculously seem to get everything on the list in 10 minutes or less. If your goal is to be more like the latter, try a new system for organizing your grocery list and making the most out of each trip to the grocery store.


1. By category


One way to write our your grocery list is by category. A few example categories? Produce, snacks, dairy, cold stuff, drinks, cleaning supplies…whatever categories you choose, fill in your grocery list and shop accordingly. Go through each category and make sure you have everything in it before moving on to the next section of your list. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get experimental in the kitchen when it comes to mealtimes, this is the method for you. List out what you want from the grocery store and figure out how to use it once you’ve got everything laid out in the pantry.



2. By meal or recipe


This one requires some planning ahead for meals. Make your meal plan for the week and list out what you need to make each meal happen. Shop based on what you need to make each meal happen. The perks of this method are that even if the store is out of an item, you still know exactly what meals you’re prepared to make and which you’ll need to do a bit more shopping to complete.



3. By location


If the thought of walking up and down every aisle of the grocery store brings you to tears, organize your grocery list by location. You’ll only need to go down the aisles you know you need something from and hauling that heavy basket from one end of the store to the other won’t have to happen again. Use this method if you stick to one particular grocery store and know the layout well enough to organize a list around it.