10 Refreshing Instagram Accounts We Love

Instagram’s quickly become one of our favorite social media apps because of all the incredible art and photography shared every single day. No matter the hour, there’s always a new account to follow and picture to like. These are our current favorites on Instagram.


1.The Dogist | @thedogist

This account is all about dogs and their stories. Described as a “photo-documentary series about the beauty of dogs,” this account will make you smile…and want to adopt a dog.


 The Dogist


2. food52 | @food52


So much more than food photos, the team at food52 actually makes mealtime look fun, delicious, and approachable. Follow them if you’re looking to spice up your food photos or need meal inspiration.




3. Face the Foliage | @facethefoliage


When one of these playful photos pops up on your feed, you won’t be able stop yourself from smiling. Each post on Face the Foliage is, you guessed it, a face created from foliage.


 Face the Foliage


4. Mallory L. Brooks | @mallorylbrooks


Mallory lives in Tallahassee where she’s a painter and photographer. You never know what might be on her feed next but you can rest assured it’ll be a colorful and fresh perspective on the ordinary. She recently took a trip to Disney World and documented the entire trip in a way that can only be described as mesmerizing.


Mallory L. Brooks


5. I Have This Thing With Floors | @ihavethisthingwithfloors


Next time you find yourself standing on a beautiful floor, snap a picture and you could be featured on this account. Beautiful shoes on beautiful floors make instant art.


 I Have This Thing With Floors


6. The House That Lars Built | @houselarsbuilt


With a little bit of everything, Brittany Jepsen is kind of a big deal when it comes to insanely cool DIY ideas. Her feed is a mix of DIYs, personal photos, and a lot of color. In short, we love it.


 The House That Lars Built


7. Oh So Beautiful Paper | @beautifulpaper


Every picture in the Oh So Beautiful Paper feed is like a breath of fresh air. Looking at every post will give you the feeling of opening up a piece of snail mail that isn’t a bill.


 Oh So Beautiful Paper


8. Schoolhouse Electric | @schoolhouse

Schoolhouse Electric makes lighting and home décor like you’ve never seen before and their feed shows it off in the most breathtaking ways. A little bit eclectic and a lot stylish, we’re pretty excited every time they post.


Schoolhouse Electric


9. Nitch | @_nitch


Nitch pairs photos of some of the world’s most renowned artists, actors, designers, authors, and creative with a quote of theirs. Often the photos are in black and white and the quotes are always brief and thought-provoking.




10. Lucy Mail | @lucy_mail


It’s simple—every post is a picture of a hand-painted envelope. And a very cute one, at that. Lucy Halcomb is a pen pal who makes her mail extra special and personal with amazing envelope art.


Lucy Mail