Shared Office Space That Works With You: HQ Raleigh

Shared workspaces are not a new idea, but HQ Raleigh has chosen to design their space to be unique in looks and function. By carefully curating all aspects of their space they leave the entrepreneurs and professionals free to really drive positive change.
HQ Raleigh Space

HQ Raleigh has managed to create an entire interactive community based around 5 Core Values that are clearly present in all that they do:
1. Be Authentic
This workspace has nothing to hide and everything to show. Suite office spaces and meeting rooms have glass doors and members are encouraged to make their space reflect themselves. HQ Raleigh remains authentic by proudly displaying the work of artists they love in different mediums. Through partnerships with the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh (CAM RALEIGH) and ARTSPACE, they feature revolving installations from local and national talents.


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Just keep in mind that this is no art gallery. Tour the space and you see marker boards and desk spaces cluttered with new ideas born from numerous attempts to push their business forward. Real work goes on here and you can’t help but be inspired by seeing others dedicated to making their dreams real. They also keep satellite radio on in common areas at the perfect level to give the feel of creative space instead of a library. It really feels like a place you can be yourself in.

2. Empower Others
The creative individuals are the best decoration an open workspace can have. However HQ Raleigh isn’t interested in trendy people for the sake of eye candy. They want you be able to grab a coffee from the bar (delicious local coffee is provided by Jubala Coffee for members and guests) while sharing ideas and challenges with others who facing similar struggles. By keeping their membership populated with driven and diverse change makers, the workspace inspires collaborations and friendships that transcend basic networking.
HQ Raleigh Cafe Space

3. Drive Forward with Purpose
Once you have set your goals, this space cuts out the obstacles to putting in the work. In all they house 22 private suites a co-working space with 20 desks, and a quiet co-working space with ten desks. There are also two large conference rooms, six small meeting rooms, and five phone booths for private calls. Member concentrate on what they want to accomplish and the work space gives them access to whatever they need to drive forward.
Co-Working Space


HQ Raleigh Cafe Space


4. Think Big!
Part of the membership benefits is access to HQ member only events the include speaker series and lunches with successful entrepreneurs. HQ Raleigh has even partnered TED to organize events that can showcase Raleigh, NC talent on a global stage.

5. Leave the World Better Than You Found It
Sharing workspace is very simple way to reduce the footprint typically left by large isolated workspaces. HQ Raleigh takes that further by making efforts like incorporating member bike share with local bike shop Oak City Cycling and providing community basic office supplies. The make sure that the next generation of entrepreneurs have access to better opportunities, HQ Raleigh partnered with N.C. State University to create the Entrepreneurship Clinic. Students are given opportunities to gain real world experience by solving business problems members are facing right now.

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