8 Ways to Save on Air Conditioning Without Breaking a Sweat

Temperatures are soaring but your utility bill doesn’t have to. There are small ways to change your air conditioning routine that’ll cut your energy costs and save you some ice cream money when it comes to paying your utility bill. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to sweat all season or spend your weekend allowance on paying your utility bill.


1. Make sure your air filter is clean as a whistle.


A dirty air filter will make your air conditioner use twice as much energy to do a mediocre job, meaning you’ll be hot and bothered by warm temperatures and a higher energy bill.



2. When nobody’s home, notch the temperature up a couple of degrees.


By turning up the air temperature two to three degrees during the workday or extended weekends away, you’ll cut your energy costs by a third or more each month.



3. Get window treatments that keep summer heat at bay while making sure your cool air doesn’t leave the vicinity.


Natural light is a wonderful thing until it causes your energy bill to skyrocket. Find window treatments that facilitate natural light while keeping cold air in and hot air out.



4. Get a fan to help the cool air circulate.


Some homes, especially those with air units concentrated to one room, need a little help making the air ciruclate


5. Keep the blinds closed to trap the cool air in.



6. Use ventilating fans sparingly.


According to Duke Energy, ventilating fans can suck all the cool air out of your house within an hour.



7. Keep the windows closed, even on cool nights.


Another great tip from energy providers: keep humidity out. Even on cool nights, moist air can creep in from your windows and cause your air conditioning to pull double the weight when it’s turned back on…and will end up costing more than if the air had been left on the whole time.



8. Plan landscaping accordingly.


Trees can do wonders to provide shade and thereby keep your utility bill down in the summer.