5 Gifts for Grads to Use on Their Next Adventure

With college graduations coming to an end and high school graduations kicking off soon, there are a lot of celebrations to be had and gifts to be given. Prepare your grad for their next big adventure, no matter what it is, with one of these practical gifts that are both thoughtful and handy.

1. A simple tool set

One of the handiest gifts you can give a grad is a tool kit they’ll be able to use for years to come. Next time they need a hammer, tape measure, or anything found in a toolbox, they’ll be ready.

Tool Set

2. A subscription to Audible

They’ll need a good book to listen to on the way to college classes or on the drive to new jobs! Audible lets people listen to a variety of books anywhere.

 Monthly Subscription


3. A super nice compact camping chair
Recent grads are probably going to be living in tight quarters for a while, meaning not a lot of seating arrangements when fun get-togethers happen. Get them a chair they can easily stow away until they need it or one they can use on weekend getaways.

 Swivel Chair


4. A cool piece of art
There’s no such thing as too much art and abstract pieces, like this one, work in any space. This makes them the perfect gift for people of all ages. And the bare walls of their dorm or apartment will thank you.


5. Bundle of cleaning supplies
Because everybody needs good cleaning supplies, especially those who are moving soon.

 Variety Gift Set