15 Summer Travel Destinations

If summer means traveling, then get ready to buckle up for these travel destinations on our bucket list this summer.


1. Nashville, TN


Check out the capital of Tennessee if you enjoy the hunt for new music from up-and-coming artists and love to indulge on Southern cooking with a flair. Known as “Music City,” Music Row is a must see—and must hear—in Nashville.


Music Row, Ryman Auditorium and skyline Wall Art


2. Redwood Forest, California


Be amazed by nature in the Redwood Forest where the trees will never cease to amaze with their staggering height and unbelievable size. If fresh air is what the doctor ordered this summer, make a trip to the Redwood Forest.


Music Row, Ryman Auditorium and skyline Wall Art


3. Mendenhall Valley, Alaska


Run through a field of wildflowers in Mendenhall Valley, Alaska. Located less than 15 miles from the city of Juneau, this beautiful and secluded area is the perfect place to escape a busy lifestyle and enjoy scenic views.


Wildflowers at Mendenhall


4. Boston, Massachusetts


With baseball season in full swing, there’s no better time to visit Boston’s Fenway Park. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, take a tour of Fenway Park to learn about the history of the stadium and the surrounding areas.


Fenway Park, Home of the Boston Red Sox, Boston, MA, USA


5. New Orleans, Louisiana


If the photo below has you drooling, your summer destination needs to be Café Du Monde in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Known for having an abundance of restaurants with scrumptious and flavorful foods, New Orleans is the perfect vacation spot for foodies.


Beignets at Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter, New Orleans Wall Art


6. Hollywood, California


If you’ve never seen the landmark Hollywood Hills, this summer is your chance to do so. While on the lookout for celebrities, take a stroll down the Walk of Fame.


California, Los Angeles, Hollywood Sign at Hollywood Hills Wall Art


7. Denver, Colorado


Denver has something for everybody—and we mean it. From shopping to beautiful parks to astonishing mountains to tons of local restaurants, the daytime activities in Denver rival the fun of the nightlife. We recommend checking out Casa Bonita if you’re up for an exciting dinner of Mexican food and a show to go along with it.


Denver skyline from Civic Center Park, Colorado Wall Art


8. San Antonio, Texas


Perfect for history and war buffs, a trip to the Alamo in San Antonio is a fun way to get away for a few days and learn something new about the nation’s history. Free access to museums and tours make this spot a brilliant summer getaway. And be sure to check out the Alamo at night, when it looks even more majestic.


The Alamo, San Antonio Texas Wall Art


9. Charleston, South Carolina


With the charm of an old town and the perks of being by the beach, Charleston is a big city with a small town feel. Easily walkable from downtown to the shore, it’s a great spot to relax while still being close to restaurants and the shops on King Street.


Southern Charm Wall Art


10. Chapel Hill, North Carolina


If you’re into basketball, Chapel Hill and neighboring Durham are the places to visit this summer. The basketball museum inside the Dean Smith Center is a must-see for any sports fanatic and if you’re more of a Blue Devils fan, Duke University in Durham is less than thirty minutes away.


Views inside the Dean Smith Center, University of North Carolina Wall Art


11. St. Louis, Missouri


St. Louis is a goldmine of activities. Take a journey to the top of the Gateway Arch and get a view of everything happening in the city.


USA, Missouri, St. Louis, Fountain and courthouse at dusk Wall Art


12. Washington, D.C.


If you can’t make it in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival this month in D.C., it’s still a wonderful destination for your summer vacation. Go kayaking in the Potomac, shopping in Georgetown, indulge in some tasty food, and best of all, visit one or all of the nation’s monuments.


Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C Wall Art


13. Uinta Mountains, Utah


There’s no better place to gaze at the Milky Way than in the Uinta Mountains. Set up a tent and get ready to be amazed by the stars at night.


Milky Way over camp with illuminated tents in Uinta Mountains, Utah


14. Brooklyn, New York City, New York


One of NYC’s most underrated gems is the Brooklyn Bridge, which is the perfect place for an evening stroll to catch a glimpse of Manhattan’s skyline while enjoying the mesmerizing architecture of the bridge.


USA, New York State, New York City, Span of Brooklyn Bridge Wall Art


15. Maui, Hawaii


Enjoy the perks of the shore without the crowd at a secret beach in Hawaii. Even better, find one with a cove to get some shade when you need a break from the warm sunlight.


Hawaii, Maui, Makena, View From Secret Beach Of Kahoolawe Framed