10 Things to Stop Feeling Guilty About at Home

A few weeks ago, Apartment Therapy wrote about the one word you should never say to guests about your home: sorry. And that made us realize just how often we say that word when guests drop by for a visit. Here are a few things you shouldn’t apologize for when company arrives:


1. Having a junk drawer


Unless you’re Monica Gellar, chances are you don’t have an award-winning organization system and that’s perfectly fine. And even Monica Gellar had an entire junk closet. Clutter happens.


Junk Drawer

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2. Only having water to offer guests


Hey, water’s necessary, so you’re practically offering them life and that’s nothing to apologize for.



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3. Untamed piles of laundry


For most of us, taking the time to neatly fold the laundry and put it away is a challenge. And who doesn’t love the thrill of searching through the laundry for a matching sock when you’re already running late?



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4. Unswept floors


It’s near impossible not to track mud and dirt throughout the house on a daily basis. Chances are your guests will be relieved to learn that debris happens to everyone.


Unswept floors

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5. Disheveled desk


You’re apologizing for being an on-the-ball worker? Sounds ridiculous when you say it out loud.


Messy Desk


6. Lacking a hand towel in the bathroom


We’re pretty sure most people can handle using a napkin or paper towel if your hand towels are otherwise occupied.


Bathroom Sink

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7. Using disposable dishes


You just cooked dinner and desserts for a group of people. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to worry about how many dishes are being used when you could be focusing on enjoying conversations with guests.


Plastic Dinnerware

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8. Toys from pets and kids


Being a parent mostly means telling kids how many minutes they have left and reminding them to pick up their toys. It’s okay if they forget every now and then. Same with pets. Pets are a big part of the family, so it’s natural that their toys and blankets might be strewn about a room from time to time.


Pet Toys


Kids Toys

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9. The layout of your living quarters


That empty space you keep meaning to put something in only stands out to you. Guests won’t be thinking about how nice a plant would look in that corner or that they have to walk through a bedroom to get to the closest bathroom.



10. A bountiful trashcan


Taking the trash out at the end of a long day is enough to bring the most dedicated homemaker to tears. It’s okay if you let a day go by without taking the trash out.