5 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Candy

If you and those you love are staying strong on your 2018 resolution to get healthy and avoid sweets, Valentine’s Day can pose a big problem! With boxes of chocolate lining the rows of every store you visit, sweet treats all around your office, and boxes of conversation hearts scattered around your home, it can feel overwhelming to find creative Valentine’s Day gifts that show you care but don’t have any calories. Check out these five sugar-free Valentine’s Day gift ideas:


1. For your spunky coworker who is trying to drink more water during the workday, get a playful tumbler. This ice cream one is less than $20 and is all the fun of ice cream without any of the unhealthy stuff!

Valentine’s Day Gifts 1

2. For your Galentine who’s always down for a road trip, get this awesome heart-shaped cooler that’s as functional as it is adorable. It’ll hold all the snacks and drinks you need for your next spontaneous getaway.

Valentine’s Day Gifts 2

3. For your littlest Valentines, get them something fun they can truly make their own. Coloring Canvas prints make fun gifts for little ones who enjoy getting creative. And after each canvas is colored in, it can be displayed proudly all year long!

Valentine’s Day Gifts 3

4. For your significant other, get romantic with a cookbook you can both enjoy. This cookbook is full of beautiful photos and recipes that only use a few dishes so that you and your sig oth can enjoy the meal without arguing over who’s going to do the dishes.

Valentine’s Day Gifts 4

5. And if cooking isn’t your thing, you can get a candle that just smells like you cooked up something good. Tacos, anybody?

Valentine’s Day Gifts 5


Happy early Valentine’s Day!