The Most Thoughtful Gift You’ll Ever Give

The saying goes the best things in life are free. But we’d argue that the best things in life are thoughtful, like this gift dreamed up by the geniuses at Apartment Therapy we’ll be giving all year long. For your next wedding shower, baby shower, or even birthday party, give the guest something they’ll definitely use that won’t break the bank and isn’t on their registry: pre-addressed thank you notes.




Just a few reasons why they’ll love it:

1. It saves oodles and oodles of time and frustration of tracking down addresses.

We’ve all been there, holding onto that one thank you note while you check to make sure each address is correct and then remembering six months later that you never actually sent it. By doing all the dirty work of tracking down and verifying addresses, you’re saving oh so much valuable time for the recipient.


2. It motivates them to actually write the thank you notes, which can be tricky during a stressful time like getting married or having a baby.


Actually writing thank you notes is the easy and fun part and with the envelopes pre-addressed, you’ve saved the fun part for the lucky bride or mom-to-be.


3. They won’t have to wait in line for stamps at the post office, saving even more time.


Who doesn’t love avoiding long lines at the post office? This way your gift recipient will just need to drop their thank you notes in the nearest mailbox without any hassle.


4. It’s creative and thoughtful, just like your friendship.


Registries are helpful and all but sometimes it’s nice to get something you couldn’t ever dream of putting on a list and this gift fits the bill perfectly.


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