8 Delicious Recipes Using 3 Ingredients or Less

We’re all guilty of pinning recipes with a ton of ingredients but secretly know that those complicated recipes will likely never be anything more than a picture on Pinterest. But these recipes are all ones you can make with 3 or less ingredients, most of which are everyday kitchen staples:


1. Cream Cheese Biscuits


Biscuits that taste as good as your grandmother’s but don’t require nearly as much effort…or as many ingredients.


Cream Cheese Biscuits


2. Banana Pancakes
Easy breakfast recipes are always a hit but especially when they’re a triple-threat of healthy, simple, and delicious.


Banana Pancakes


3. Pizza Dough
It’s true-you can make pizza dough with only 2 ingredients that tastes like your favorite Italian restaurant’s dough.


2-Ingredient Pizza Dough


4. Tomato Chips
These microwaveable goodies take less than 5 minutes to make and only call for a couple of ingredients you probably already have lying around.


Tomato Chips


5. Quick Baked Potato
With 30 minutes, a potato, olive oil, and some salt, you can have an incredible baked potato to put on the side of any main dish. Or load it up with veggies for a hearty meal.


Quick Baked Potato


6. Parmesan Puffs
Never underestimate the power of parmesan, which works with olive oil and egg whites to make this tasty snack.


Parmesan Puffs


7. Grilled Chicken
This is technically more than 3 ingredients but since one of the ingredients is water, we’ll let it slide. This tender chicken is easy to whip up when dinner time rolls around.


The Best 3 Ingredient Grilled Chicken


8. Healthy Ice Cream
This summer’s already heating up, so why not cool off with ice cream that’ll also help you get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables.


3 Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream


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