6 Delicious Ways to Stay Hydrated With Water

The easiest way to beat the heat this summer is to stay hydrated. Drinking cup after cup of water becomes tedious but it doesn’t have to be! Add a healthy dose of flavor to your water using produce, herbs, and spices to make your 8 cups the most delicious part of the day.


The phrase “infused water” has been floating around lately and the name sounds more intimidating than the process. Infused water can be as simple as putting fruit in your water and letting it soak during (or while you drink). Another method is pre-make some fruit ice cubes to toss in your water whenever you’re thirsty. Whatever method you choose, water will make this summer your tastiest one yet!


1. Refreshing Lime Water


Put water, lime juice, and a sprig of mint together to make delicious citrus water.


Refreshing Lime Water


2. Watermelon Water


Puree some watermelon and blend it with water to make the traditional Mexican drink Agua de Sandia.


Watermelon Water


3. Kiwi Blackberry Infused Water


The kiwi in this infused water adds an exotic flair. Let this water sit overnight to bring out the most flavor.


Kiwi Blackberry Infused Water


4. Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber, and Mint Water


The best thing about this water is that when you’re out, you can simply fill up the container again and let the fruit work its magic up to 3 times.


Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber, and Mint Water


5. Grapefruit Rosemary Infused Water


This unusual pairing is nothing short of amazing with the tart grapefruit balancing out the subtle taste of rosemary.


Grapefruit Rosemary Infused Water


6. Pineapple and Raspberry Flavored Ice Cubes


Puree pineapple and raspberries with a little water and freeze before tossing them in a cool glass of water.


Pineapple and Raspberry Flavored Ice Cubes


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