5 Kinds of In-Season Spring Produce and How to Use It

We’re thrilled to see lots of fresh, spring produce popping up more at the farmer’s market and grocery store. With all this seasonal produce, it’s time to work some new recipes into your routine. Find out what’s in season and how to use it for your next meal with these inventive recipes:


1. Apricots


Enjoy this sweet and savory dish any time of day, though we think it’d make waking up a lot easier if this was in your breakfast future.




2. Cabbage


Cabbage is incredibly versatile and used here, it creates fish tacos you won’t soon forget. Best of all, this recipe is quick so you can make this without losing any time outdoors enjoying the longer days.




3. Mushrooms


Few things rival the deliciousness of a tasty burger with all the right toppings. Go healthier while still enjoying one by making this hearty veggie burger with mushrooms and other fresh produce.




4. Pineapple


This recipe might not make a meal but it sure does make tasty snack. These also look great as cake toppers to make anything you bake a little bit sweeter and cuter.




5. Turnips


Don’t be afraid to cook with this root vegetable that’s the perfect spring accessory to many of your favorite dishes, including this stir fry we can’t wait to make.