5 Kabobs for All Cravings

Let’s take a moment and appreciate something special to us: kabobs. Kabobs aren’t just for summer grills, they’re for any time of day in any season. From candy kabobs to chicken and waffles on a stick, check out a few of our favorite kabob recipes that’ll make your next meal a slam dunk.

1. Breakfast kabob

Enjoy a savory meal with this delicious breakfast kabob you can customize to fit your breakfast needs! The brunch possibilities are endless.



2. Fruit and donut kabob

Don’t forget about dessert to go along with your breakfast kabob. Put your favorite donut with fruit on a stick and start your day off right!


Donut and Fruit Kabobs


3. Steak taco on a stick

Make taco Tuesday more interesting by giving your meal a makeover in the form of a kabob!

 Steak Taco on a Stick


4. Candy kabobs

Turn your favorite junk food into a colorful kabob that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

 Candy Kabobs


5. Chicken and waffle kabob

Not sure what mood you’re in? Make this popular dish that brings the best of both worlds together: breakfast waffles and fried chicken.

 Chicken and Waffle Skewers


If you’re looking for more than just kabobs, check out our other recipe ideas!