5 Delicious Ways to Switch Up Your Coffee Routine

If you’ve found yourself in a coffee rut, we’ve got 5 different ways to make your caffeine routine more adventurous and delicious. You’ll feel like a bonafide barista after whipping up (pun intended) these tasty beverages.


1. The Perfect Iced Coffee


If you’re an iced coffee addict, this is the recipe for you. You can make a month’s supply of the cold glory and make your mornings oh-so-delicious. The recipe calls for a dark roast and we recommend heeding that suggestion. A lighter roast won’t have the full-bodied flavor of a darker one.




2. Pour Over Coffee


If you drink coffee for the flavor—and not simply because you can’t function without it—pour over coffees are considered to be the most flavorful way to take in your favorite roast. Like Pour Over 101, this recipe not only shares how to make it but also goes over all the tools and equipment you’ll need to make the perfect mug.




3. Espresso Tonic


If coffee leaves you craving a dose of carbonation, try mixing espresso with tonic water. Make sure to follow this recipe closely to get the best results since the pour order matters if you want a good taste!


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4. Italian Coffee


What do you get when you mix half a cup of coffee with half a cup of hot chocolate and top it off with heavy cream? A truly decadent Italian coffee. That’s math we can get behind. This drink is very rich, so it might be more of a Saturday splurge than an everyday indulgence.




5. Homemade Latte…Without a Machine


You don’t need a fancy machine to make a latte. You can get that frothy topping by shaking up a half-filled mason jar of your milk of choice and we all know that’s the essence of a latte, anyway.