4 Ways to Dress Up Your Instant Mac and Cheese

You’re not the only one who loves a box of mac and cheese. It’s one of those childhood foods you just can’t shake, but you can make it (kinda) grown up with these additions.


1. Stir in some roasted cauliflower and peas.


Peas might’ve been the stuff nightmares were made of as a kid but now they’re the perfect addition to your childhood dream food.


Bits + Pieces


2. Channel your inner mermaid by adding shrimp.


And if shrimp isn’t enough, toss on some goldfish. It’s one of those weird and wonderful combinations that just works. Trust us.


Mac ’N’ Cheese Of The Sea


3. Top it off with crunchy bacon and a few chipotles.


Get your tastebuds ready for this sweet and spicy dish so good you’ll forget the majority of it came from a box.


Hack Your Mac


4. Toss in some more cheese along with broccoli.


We’ve never met a broccoli and cheddar pairing we didn’t like. Make your instant meal a little bit healthier with the addition of broccoli you can cook along with the noodles.




Other ideas:
– Add crumbled crackers or breadcrumbs for a little bit of crunch.
– An avocado takes the creaminess of mac and cheese to another (glorious) level.
– For a richer flavor, add a tiny bit of mustard.
– Just about any vegetable mixes well with mac and cheese. Roast any leftover vegetables and toss them in for a hearty and healthy-ish meal.