4 Tasty Desserts to Make This Winter

When winter time rolls around and parties abound, these recipes will put your baking heart at ease. And even if you’re staying in, these treats make for excellent desserts…or brunch sides!

1. Red Velvet Banana Bread
If you’re looking for simple, this is the recipe for you. Simply add bananas to a box mix of red velvet cake, along with some chocolate chips and walnuts, for a tasty treat you can share with friends and family.
 Red Velvet Banana Bread

2. Lumberjack Apple Pies
These apple pies are made more festive by adding scrap flannel around them for a holiday look!
 Apple Hand Pies

3. Polar Bear Cupcakes
These are sure to be a crowd favorite. It’s chocolate and coconut made to look like a polar bear paw—what’s not to love?
 Polar Bear Cupcakes

4. Winter Birch Tree Cake
Though it may look difficult to make, this cake is pretty easy to recreate using chocolate candy bark in contrasting colors.
 Birch Tree Cake


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