10 Totally Spooky Halloween Treats

Halloween is prime time to make those sweet treats a little bit spookier. No matter what spooky-themed treats you’re looking to frighten your favorite ghouls and goblins with, these are sure to be hauntingly delicious.


1. Coffin Pop Tarts

Like your favorite breakfast treat, only spookier.




2. Ghost Meringues

Three ingredients is all you need to make these ghostly meringues.




3. Monster Rice Krispies Treats

These are the cutest monsters we ever did see.




4. Marshmallow Pops

These marshmallow pops don’t require any cooking and can be made in 5 minutes or less…which is our kind of treat!




5. Green Slimed Popcorn

This recipe will yield something similar to a rice krispy treat, but with popcorn instead.




6. Mini Monster Eyeball Donuts

This no bake dessert uses items you can purchase in any grocery store and assemble in a cinch.




7. DIY Eyeball Mini Cakes

Another no bake treat, these are pretty enough to make year round.




8. Bat Tortilla Crisps

Churros in the form of a bat? Sign us up.




9. Pumpkin Party Pops

The only spooky thing about these is how adorable they are.




10. Gingerdead Cookies

Your favorite holiday treat, made better with icing and a pun. Gingerdead cookies, get it?!