10 Kentucky Derby Snacks and Drinks

Break out the bowties and fascinators, it’s almost time for the Kentucky Derby! Whether you’re viewing it from the sidelines or watching from home, try these delicious treats you’ll want to munch on long after the race is over. And take note of all the different ways you can incorporate mint julep into your derby party:


1. Mint Julep Chicken Crostinis


Mint juleps aren’t just for sipping, they’re for creating tasty appetizers.


Mint Julep Chicken Crostini


2. Chocolate-Pecan Ice Cream


You’d never guess it was dairy-free, vegan, and Paleo if you tasted this creamy chocolate and pecan homemade ice cream.


Kentucky Derby Chocolate-Pecan Ice Cream


3. Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake


This isn’t your grandmother’s bundt cake—both the batter and the glaze are made with bourbon.


Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake


4. Bourbon Peach Pie Pops


Because when life hands you peaches, you make pie pops and dress them up with bowties.


Bourbon Peach Pie Pops


5. Mint Julep Cupcakes


We love recipes that are delicious and require minimal effort, making these cupcakes a real treat!


Mint Julep Cupcakes


6. Mint Julep Popsicles


Let’s just go ahead and say the theme of this party isn’t the Kentucky Derby…it’s food with a mint julep twist.


Mint Julep Popsicles


7. Mint Julep Brownies with Candied Pecans


Don’t make these brownies ahead of time for your Kentucky Derby party because you’ll be tempted to eat them all as a midnight snack.


 Mint Julep Brownies


8. Pickled Shrimp


Balance out all those sweets with these savory pickled shrimp seasoned with parsley.


Pickled Shrimp


9. Kentucky Hot Brown


This open-faced sandwich is anything but ordinary. Bursting with flavor and piled high with turkey, cheese, and bacon, you’ll be daydreaming about this lunch time treat.


Kentucky Hot Brown


10. Sweet Tea Mint Julep


And to wash it all down, kick back with this mint julep with an added southern flair of sweet tea.


Sweet Tea Mint Julep