5 Tailgating Tips Worth More Than a Touchdown

Make the most of football season with these tailgating tips that’ll have you grilling up a burger like a champ before the big game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to tailgates or sitting on the sidelines waiting to host your own tailgate party, these tips are sure to keep the crowds (and your appetite) happy.


1. Keep hot food hot with bricks and a Sterno.


Create a heater using bricks and a can of Sterno over a cast iron trivet for any food that needs to stay warm while you’re gearing up for the game. (via Southern Living)




2. Laminate your checklist.


After perfecting your checklist, get it laminated. If you stick to the plan and check off everything you need, there’s less risk of getting to the game and realizing your cooler is still sitting in the garage. Oh, and make sure “tickets to the game” are on that list. (via Tailgating.com)




3. Have appetizers in addition to the main course.


Finger foods and appetizers will keep the crowd happy while the grillmaster is cooking the main dish. Fruits, vegetable platters, and chips and dips are great at curbing an appetite until meal time arrives. (via The Kitchn)




4. Don’t forget to bring duct tape, hand sanitizer, and a permanent marker.


An unofficial study by Publix says that 96% of tailgate problems can be solved with these 3 items. Fact or not, we believe it. (via Publix)




5. Find time for some physical activity.


You know how a watched pot never boils? Same goes for grills and making burgers. While you’re anxiously awaiting a juicy burger, toss a football or dominate a game of corn hole—anything that’ll get you up and moving. (via Huffington Post)