5 End-of-School Gifts for Great Teachers

With the school year coming to an end and kids getting out of school for the summer, it’s time to start thanking teachers for all the hard work they’ve put in all year long. Get them something they’ll enjoy more than an apple.


1. A cheeky coffee mug

Because of all those mornings they have to wake up early and need a good cup of joe! And who doesn’t love a cheeky pun?

Like a Boss mug


2. A relaxing Coloring Canvas

It’ll help them unwind and add a little something extra to their classroom.

Coloring Canvas

3. A sentimental plant

Thank them for their hard work with this inexpensive but thoughtful DIY.

Plant DIY

4. Sweet treats for the summer

Give teachers with a sweet tooth a treat for summer by making this candy flower pot.

Plant DIY

5. A classic picnic blanket

So they can enjoy a nice picnic outdoors this summer.
Picnic Blanket