4 Tips for a Successful Black Friday Shopping Trip

Black Friday is almost here and like many people, we’re excited about all the good deals. But we’re also fearing the crowds that come along with the sales. To keep your sanity and still find some bargains, use these four tips to make sure your Black Friday shopping trip is a success.


Holiday Shopping


1. Make a list
Black Friday is not the day to aimlessly peruse your favorite stores. Make a list of what you want from each store you’re visiting and stick to it to make sure you don’t overspend or forget what you woke up early to buy.
2. Make a plan
If you’re shopping at multiple stores, get informed about when each store is opening on Black Friday and schedule your day accordingly. For stores offering items you want more than others, be sure those are top priority on your schedule.
3. Know your limits
Running errands is exhausting but throw in food coma from eating a big meal the day before and the added stress of crowds and parking and it can easily spiral into one big mess. Don’t overdo it for the sake of a sale—do what you can on Black Friday but don’t overexert yourself.
4. Keep a healthy perspective
The holidays are about more than scoring a good deal on a TV—they’re a time to gather with friends and family who don’t care if you missed out on some good deals. There’s still plenty of merrymaking to be done whether or not you checked everything off your shopping list.


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