Whimsical Wreaths

Wreaths feel like home. They are the first thing to greet guests who knock and are often the focal point in living rooms where families congregate during the colder months. Like family, wreaths represent comfort and togetherness as the holidays circle back to being with the ones we love.

Industrial Wreath:
Create this industrial wreath using junk mail, a wire hanger, and some spray paint. Perfect for imperfectionists , this wreath doesn’t require much planning, just a lot of cutting. Cut whatever paper is on hand—newspapers, expired coupons, weekly ads, or scrap paper— into squares that vary in size from 1 to 3 inches. No worries if they’re not perfect, it adds to the overall texture of the finished wreath. Next, slide the squares onto a straightened hanger, using the end of the wire as a hole punch. Once the hanger is close to being filled up, pull the ends of the hanger together to form a circle. Using pliers, fold the ends around each other to secure the wreath and spray paint the wreath with silver spray paint to imitate the look of metal. Cover where the ends meet with a ribbon (or chain, if you’re feeling extra industrial) and hang it on a rustic door.

Industrial Wreath

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Natural Wreath:
Requiring just feathers and wooden branch base, this wreath is simple to make but adds a colorful touch to any front door. There’s really no way to mess it up since it only requires weaving feathers through the branches of the wooden base and can be easily changed since there’s no glue involved. This wreath took approximately 50 feathers and half an hour to make. The most difficult part is getting the feathers to lay flat against the wreath. For those that refuse to cooperate, use a straight pin to secure them in place.

Feather Wreath

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Glam Starburst Wreath:
To make this wreath, use varying sizes of lollipop sticks and a flat wooden wreath form. Begin by sitting a bowl in the middle of the form, which will serve to make sure the center of the wreath stays round and even, and begin placing your lollipop sticks around it, making sure the ends line up with the bowl. Do this all the way around the bowl, gluing each stick to the base. Once the first layer is done, go back and start filling in any gaps until the sunburst looks complete. Ours took approximately 300 sticks and three rounds to make it look complete. Remove the bowl from the center and spray paint the wreath gold. Because lollipop sticks are not highly durable, make sure this glam wreath is placed somewhere where it won’t be jostled around too much.

Glam Wreath

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