Top 10 Tips for Taking a Family Photo

With the holidays arriving soon, families are getting together and cameras are coming out. Check out these tips for taking the perfect family photo.


1. Dress for Success


Dress for Success

Photography by Nichole Prescott


Dressing for the occasion is often the most daunting part of a photo shoot. For group shots, pick two to three complimentary colors to guide clothing choices without forcing people to wear
a “uniform” they aren’t comfortable in. Keep in mind that while solid colors, layers, and lots of textures look great in photos, loud prints and graphic tees are distracting for the camera.



2. Location



Photography by Nichole Prescott


Consider the background of your photo. Professional-looking photos can be taken in the backyard or at a local park. Look for a location with natural landscaping or a cool brick wall to serve as the backdrop.



3. Let’s Be Candid


Let's Be Candid

Photography by Nichole Prescott


Catch them in action. Candid shots capture genuine emotion and joy without looking forced. Let kids be kids, no matter their age, and be ready to capture it!



4. Zoom In



Surround Yourself Magazine


Zoom in and capture the details! Focus the emphasis on the eyes, freckles, hands, or feet. Highlighting one specific element adds a personal touch by showcasing memorable things that may otherwise go unnoticed.



5. Playing with Props


Get Close

Photography by Nichole Prescott


Great images are not about the prop, but about how the person connects with it. Interacting with a prop adds energy to a photo and an element to a story. Try using a personal item that has some sentimental meaning or just something fun.



6. Composition


Let's be Candid

Photography by Nichole Prescott


Think about the composition before the photo is taken. The main focus doesn’t always have to be in the middle of the frame. Try the “Rule of Thirds” by imagining four lines—two going horizontally and two going vertically—that break the shot up into nine sections that provide a guide for intentionally off-centering the image. Moving the focus out of the center creates a more attention-grabbing composure that allows the eye to wander around the frame.



7. Edit!



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A little editing goes a long way. Even inexperienced photographers can use a few preset actions or color conversion tools, like those that convert images to black and white, to make any photo really remarkable.



8. Take Tons of Photos


Take Tons of Photos

Photography by Nichole Prescott


Don’t be afraid to fill up a memory card. Most photographers take hundreds of shots just to narrow it down to a few good ones. Snap multiple photos of the same shot or use the camera’s “Continuous Burst” mode to take several photos in rapid succession.



9. Act Natural


Act Natural

Photography by Nichole Prescott


Forgo the cheesing for a natural expression. Photos that capture a person’s natural expression are timeless.



10. The Golden Hour


The Power of Editing

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Good lighting is the key to an amazing photo. The “golden hour”, either after sunrise or before sunset, is the ideal time for taking outdoor photos. The direction of the sun results in a more flattering, soft light that won’t wash anybody out. If midday light is the only option, find some shade to work with. The lighting will still be bright without it looking too harsh.