How to Choose the Perfect Photo to Print

Personal photos make for incredible pieces of art (and excellent conversation starters) but choosing the right one is essential for creating the look you want. Take time to sift through your photos and find one you’ll love to look at and be proud to show off. As you search for the ideal photo, ask yourself these six questions to find an image to print on canvas:


1. Is it something you can look at for years to come?


Like art, some photos are more bold in color and content than others. Make sure the photo you choose is one you’re okay to look at each day for the foreseeable future, especially if it’s going in a prominent place in your home.




2. Is it the original image or one with a good resolution?


A high quality photo with a high resolution (typically of 1 MB or higher) work best for enlargements. Images from a professional photographer will be this size but you can also take a high resolution photo from most mobile devices. Keep in mind when a photo is enlarged, imperfections are much more noticeable. If an image is grainy, blurry, or pixelated, it’ll become evident. Some photos are intended to be off center or a bit grainy for artistic purposes and that’s okay! Just make sure whatever photo you pick has the look you’re going for, both in quality and subject.




3. Is the photo flattering for everyone?


It’s human nature to make sure we look great in a photo but take time to check everyone else out as well. Even if you look perfect, you could be overshadowed by someone else sneezing in the photo.




4. Does the image work in the space where you plan to hang it?


If you truly love a photo, you’ll find a place to hang it. But if you’re trying to decorate a specific area of your house, think about the kind of photo you envision there in terms of color, size, and content. Is it a place a where a family photo would look nice? Does the space need a neutral piece to tie it together, like a photo in black and white? Think about the space and choose a photo that works in it.




5. Are there any imperfections that might become obvious when its enlarged?


A small water bottle in the background won’t be so small when the photo’s enlarged. Other stuff to look out for are specks of food in teeth, drool (especially on babies and children), and any wardrobe malfunctions.


Young Mother With Her Baby


6. Does the image fit the proportions for the size you’re ordering?


You know the kids toy where you try to fit different shapes into their respective holes? Think about choosing a size for your image in the same way. A panoramic photo won’t fit entirely onto a square canvas. And a square image won’t work for longer photos.


Before ordering a photo in a given size, use whatever photo editing program you have, whether it’s iPhoto, Photoshop, or even an app on your phone, to get an idea of how your photo will be cropped to fit the suggested size. You may have to do a bit of math to find the ratio to match what’s listed if you’re using an app (i.e. a 16×24 canvas has the ratio of 4×6), but you’ll get a good idea of how the image will be cropped to fit that size.