Tassel Pillow DIY

Take a walk on the wild side and add layer of tassels to your favorite pillow. Tassels, fringe, pom poms, and other embellishments are taking the pillow world by storm…but they come with a hefty price tag. For under $5, you can totally transform your pillows with this easy DIY.

 Customizable Throw Pillows


What You’ll Need:

Pillow (We used this one)
Scrap cardboard
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Chalk or pencil

The Process:

1. Draw out the lines of where you want your tassels to go using a pencil or chalk. Don’t worry if you mess up—your lines will be covered by tassels when the pillow is finished. We chose to start ours in the center and then go up to make a V shape.
2. Turn on your favorite episode of Gilmore Girls and start making tassels. It took us about an hour to make 19 for our 16×16 pillow. Depending on your design and the size of your pillow, you may need more or less.
3. (Optional) Carefully cut the strings off the top of your tassels without cutting any of the yarn that actually makes up the tassel.
4. Once your tassels are assembled, begin gluing them onto your pillow one at a time.
5. After they’ve all been attached, take your scissors and even out your tassels.
6. Voila! You’ve got a magazine-worthy pillow.

Customizable Throw Pillows


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