Starburst Mirror DIY

Turn your mod Christmas wreath into a mirror you can enjoy all year long in a couple of steps, taking less than 10 minutes. The starburst trend is in full force this year for any season and any space, so jump on the bandwagon and create a timeless piece for your home.


Starburst Mirror Materials

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Materials Needed:

The Process:


1. Flip your mirror over, laying the flat painted side face down, and begin adding hot glue around the inside edge of your round wooden wreath form (not the lollipop sticks).


Starburst Mirror Hot Glue

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2. Once glue is all the way around the edge, center your mirror and press it down into the glue. It’s fine if it’s not perfectly centered but the edges of the mirror should cover the center of the wreath.


Adding Mirror to Starburst Wreath

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3. Gently tap a sawtooth hammer into the back on the wooden wreath form and you’re ready to hang your finished selfie-maker!


Mirror Final

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