Seis DIY Decor Ideas for Your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

It’s time to pull out the sombreros in honor of Cinco de Mayo! And while you’re at it, pull out a few crafting supplies and get to work making your fiesta the best one ever with these six, or shall we say “seis,” DIYs:


1. Fiesta Flowers


We can’t think of a better or more colorful way to welcome guests than with a bold, statement doorway. Use whatever tissue paper you have—the brighter, the better—to put together this festive archway.


Fiesta Flowers


2. Chili Pepper Party Pom


Your Cinco de Mayo party will be hot hot hot if you use this zesty piece of décor, created with string and 2 colors of tissue paper.


Chili Pepper Party Pom


3. Taco Pinata


Make a larger than life piñata that will impress all your guests…and make them hungry for tacos!


DIY Taco Pinata


4. Papel Picado Coasters


These are so lovely that you won’t be able to put them away and we won’t blame you. Leave them out all year long for a dose of color on the coffee table.
DIY Papel Picado Coasters


Papel Picado Coasters


5. Papier Mache Cacti


Forget flowers as the centerpiece and go for these papier mache cacti you’ll “never (ever) have to water.”


DIY Papier Mache Cacti


6. Pom Pom Placemats


Pair these with your new coasters and you really won’t want to take down your party decorations. And you really won’t have to since these pom pom placemats are playful enough to leave up all summer long.


Pom Pom Placemats