Put a Pom Pom On It: A No Sew Pillow DIY

One of the big trends across home décor is kitschy cool details like pom poms and tassels. Pillows are no exception. Here’s how to transform your pillow into a pom pom wonderland for less than the price of a latte!

 Customizable Throw Pillows


What You’ll Need:

Pillow (We chose this one and customized the color)
Pom pom Maker (We used this one or you can make your own)
Hot Glue Gun

The process:

1. Using the pom pom maker and yarn of your choosing, make 4 pom poms. If you need help using your pom pom maker, check out this handy video!

2. Heat up your hot glue gun.

3. Once you’ve got your pom poms made and trimmed to your liking and the glue gun is ready to go, attach each pom pom to a corner of the pillow and hold in place until the glue is dried before moving on to the next corner (about 15 seconds).

4. That’s it! Enjoy your pillow by curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book.

 Customizable Throw Pillows


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