Plan a Crafternoon: 3 Canvas DIYs to Try

When you think of canvas, you might associate it with the art you see hanging in museums or what you have your family pictures printed on to enjoy at home. But canvas can do it all! From rugs to place mats, let the magical fabric up your style at home.


1. Drop cloth rug

Rugs can break the bank and with the layered rug trend making the rounds, we’re always looking for a hack to make an affordable rug! Using a canvas drop cloth, a bit of acrylic paint, and an afternoon, you can craft a rug inspired by your favorite home décor stores.

Drop Cloth Rug


2. Pom-pom Curtains
Another costly home addition is window treatments. From the curtains to the hanging hardware to display them, it’s easy to drop a pretty penny on making your windows look their best. A dropcloth might be the solution to your problem when it comes to finding affordable curtains that look like a million bucks. While the pompoms aren’t required, we do think they’re a magical touch!


Drop Cloth Curtains


3. Placemats
Make your meals look even better with darling placemats made from canvas. Simply paint a design of your choosing, let it dry, and voila! Also the low cost of this DIY means it’s okay to experiment with designs. And if you mess up, just let the mat dry before flipping it over and starting with a blank canvas (pun intended).

DIY Canvas Placemat

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