No Green Thumb Required: 5 Plant and Flower DIYs

Even the most well-intentioned plant and floral enthusiast can make a few wrong choices when it comes to taking care of plants or remembering to pick up fresh flowers at the grocery store. To ensure your home is never without a little bit of greenery, make one of these plants using various all kinds of different materials you can find at your local craft store. No need to wait for spring to enjoy some fresh blooms—DIY your way to a colorful garden now!


1. Allium Bulb

Who needs to water plants when you can have the impact of a stunning single stem, like this DIY crepe paper allium. Admittedly it’ll take a while to create all those petals, but the end result is worth all the effort!

 Paper Allium Tutorial

2. Ranunculus, Anemones, Poppies, and Peony Bouquet

Put this in a vase on your table or use it while you walk down the aisle—either way, this bouquet is a showstopper. To make it appear more realistic, add in some greenery. Dried eucalyptus will give it a life-like touch.


 DIY Paper Flower Bouquet

3. Swiss Cheese Plant

Is there anything better than a lush green plant you don’t have to water? We think not. Whip up this plant that’ll last longer than your next Netflix binge, which is more than we can say for some of our green thumb endeavors!


 DIY Paper Swiss Cheese Plant

4. Ferns and Fiddleheads

For some, keeping a fern alive is as common as sipping a warm cup of coffee. For others, keeping a fern thriving is like sipping a scalding hot cup of coffee while riding a bike…AKA impossible! And thankfully this fern is easy to make and even easier to take care of.


 DIY Felt Fern Leaves + Fiddleheads


5. (Almost) All the Succulents

Succulents are everywhere you look when it comes to interior design. They’re the ideal accent piece but can often be fickle. DIY your own indoor garden that looks amazing in a nursery or child’s room!

 Felt Succulent Window Box DIY


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