Luxe Leather Pocket Pillow DIY

During the chilly fall and winter months, it’s tempting to want to throw out all your spring and summer décor choices. But this DIY can help introduce your warm weather décor to your cozy winter tastes. Try out this simple trick for transforming a pillow into a work of art.

 Customizable Throw Pillows


What You’ll Need:

Pillow (We chose this one)
Sheet of leather (available at your local craft or fabric store, 8”x10” or similar size works best)
Hot glue
Washable marker


The Process:

1. Place the bowl face down on the leather and trace around it using your washable marker.

2. Cut out your circle and put hot glue around the circle, leaving about one third of it without any glue.

3. Center it on your pillow with the open side pointing up so that you can use it as a pocket for things like the remote.

4. Optional: Using your scrap leather, create a tassel for the front of your pocket. We used this quick tutorial (no need to add the key ring) and love the outcome!

5. Attach the tassel to the front of your pocket using hot glue.

6. Allow your pillow to dry for a few minutes before adding it to your throw pillow collection!

 Customizable Throw Pillows


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