Home Décor DIYs You Won’t Believe Are Handmade

When you’re creating a craft for your home, the last thing you want is for it to look handmade. These DIYs are all incredible ways to try your hand at DIY while still creating items you’ll enjoy looking at in your home and be proud to show off to guests, not to mention their functionality and affordability! Look no further for next unforgettable DIY project:


1. Tufted Headboard


There are few projects better than those that look intricate but are actually quite simple to make. This headboard DIY falls into that magical happy place where style and ease meet.




2. Marble Shelving

Chic and timeless, this DIY is the perfect way to add a glam touch to the powder room or anywhere you need a little extra storage.


A Beautiful Mess


3. Vintage-Inspired Letterboard

For an afternoon and less than $30, you can whip up a blogger’s favorite styling piece: a letterboard.


Vintage Message Board


4. Latch Hook Rug

This colorful and completely customizable rug is a fun way to try out your hand at DIY while making something practical.


Latch Hook Rug


5. Roman shades

Window treatments are pricey but you can make your own for a fraction of the cost.


Roman Shades


Still need more ideas? We’ve got plenty right here!