A Vintage-Meets-Glam Tree DIY

A few of us at the office are self-proclaimed “maximalists,” meaning we love décor with a lot of controlled clutter. That was the idea for this tree–chaos controlled by a dark but neutral color scheme. And there’s on better way to use a silver tinsel tree than to make it even flashier. Marble ornaments and a tassel garland work together to create a tree that packs a lot of glam!



Marble Ornaments Tutorial


When making these ornaments, keep in mind that they’re like snowflakes–no two will look the same!


Tassel Garland DIY

Surround Yourself Magazine


Materials Needed:


  • 12 Clear ornaments
  • 3 Bottles of acrylic paint in varying colors (we used dark green, white, and black)
  • 12 Disposable bathroom cups


The Process:


1. Remove the tops from the ornaments. Set these aside until they are needed again at the end of the project.


2. Put generous portions of each color of paint into the ornament. More paint can be added later in the process and as needed.


3. Slowly twirl the ornament around until the entire inside of the ornament is covered. The slower you rotate the ornament, the more dramatic the design will be. Faster rotations will cause the paint colors to blend together.


4. Place ornaments open-side down in the bathroom cups and allow excess paint to drip out. Let sit overnight.


5. After putting the tops back on the ornaments and adding hooks, they’ll be ready to hang on your tree!



Tassel Garland Tutorial


Using just a few household items you have lying around the house, create a garland that you won’t want to put away when the holidays are over and the tree comes down.


Tassel Garland DIY

Surround Yourself Magazine


Materials Needed:


  • 12-16 sheets of tissue paper in varying patterns (We used dark green, white, and patterned silver)
  • Scissors
  • String or ribbon


The Process:

1. Line up your tissue paper and fold it in half down the longest side. If different colors are different sizes, separate them into separate piles for this step.


2. Once the paper is folded, begin making your fringe by cutting towards the folded center, leaving about two inches between the end of the cut and the folded edge.


3. Unfold the paper and begin rolling it up, leaving the uncut edge in the middle.


4. After rolling 4-5 inches of the paper (or enough that the tassel is the size you’re going for), cut across the unfringed center. You should be able to make 2-3 tassels for each sheet of tissue paper.


5. Twist the center and fold in half to create your tassel, leaving an opening to slide it onto a ribbon or string.


6. Repeat the process until your garland is long enough to string around the tree. Keep in mind that you can adjust the spacing of the tassels as often as needed since they will easily slide on the string.



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