DIY Valentine: “You’re My Lobster”

If your relationship is like Ross and Rachel’s (and even if it isn’t), this is the perfect funny valentine for your significant other. Now that Friends is on Netflix, it’s been playing on a nonstop stream and this valentine’s card pays homage to one of the most iconic episodes.


Lobster Materials

Photo by Berkley Wooten for Surround Yourself Magazine


Materials Needed:


You’re My Lobster Template


Embroidery needle

Embroidery thread

Gold or black pen


The Process:


1. Print out the lobster template and cut along the thin black lines.


2. Cut your embroidery thread to approximately 36 inches and thread it through your needle, tying a knot at the end.


3. Begin stitching the lobster claw outline, pushing the needle up through the outlined side first. Continue until both claws are completely stitched, re-threading your needle as necessary.


4. Fold the card in half so that the outlined side is inside the card and only your stitching shows on the front.



Surround Yourself Magazine


5. Additional step: Using a gold or black pen, write “You’re My Lobster” inside the stitches in your most romantic handwriting.


You're My Lobster

Surround Yourself Magazine