DIY Gold Mine: How to Gild Your Pillow in 15 Minutes

It’s no secret how much we love decorating around here, especially now that we’ve got more than just canvas. We also love simple DIYs that pack a lot of punch. Canvas On Demand offers something you won’t find anywhere else: the ability to customize your pillows to match your existing décor! And today we’re showing you how to take it one step further to make your pillow even more special with just 15 minutes and a little bit of tracing.

 Customizable Throw Pillows


What You’ll Need:

Pillow (We used this one and customized it using the color selector)

Gold fabric pen, available at any local craft store

The process:

1. Remove the pillow insert and lay your pillow cover flat.

2. Insert a piece of paper or cardboard to prevent your marker from bleeding through to the other side.

3. Using the fabric pen, trace over parts of your pillow to highlight. You can trace as much or as little as you like—there are no rules! Though we only used one gold fabric pen, we recommend picking up a two or more if you plan on doing more intricate tracing of your selected pattern.

 Customizable Throw Pillows


4. Allow your fabric to dry to the touch. Ours was dry within 5 minutes.

5. Optional- Repeat steps 2 & 3 on the reverse side.

6. Put the insert back into your pillow case and enjoy!

 Customizable Throw Pillows


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